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Audacity-Extra / News: Recent posts

Plug-in Audacity now mainstream

The modular architecture for Audacity that allows GUI plug ins has now been adopted by the main Audacity project. Version 1.3.8 (beta) of Audacity has the required structure. The scripting plug-in that was first prototyped here in Audacity-Extra has been extended. Show stoppers (no error reporting) that previously prevented serious use have been fixed by Dan Horgan as part of Google Summer of Code 2009. ... read more

Posted by james crook 2009-08-23

wxTableCtrl v1.0 ready

August 15th saw the successful completion of the Audacity Google Summer of Code project, 'wxDragGridSizer' which is checked in here in Audacity-extra CVS. The GSoC project is documented on the Audacity wiki and will allow a much overdue refactoring of the largest class in Audacity, the TrackPanel.

Posted by james crook 2008-08-29

wxTableCtrl development now in CVS

Audacity's main TrackPanel could be substantially simplified through use of a new wxWidgets class, a wxTableCtrl which allows cell dragging and resizing. We're now at the alpha stage of developing such a class. The source code and a demo application is now in CVS. Linux, Windows and Mac.

Posted by james crook 2008-06-28

Python version of script added by Winnipeg Sanchez

One of the requests for alternative versions of the Perl script has been provided by Winnipeg Sanchez. It's the Python version. The script is posted at:

Posted by james crook 2007-06-24

Ruby, Python or Tcl/Tk version of Perl script wanted

Audacity-Extra is looking for someone to translate a short Perl script into Ruby, Python or Tcl. The script is 50 lines long.

The script can be found at:

Posted by james crook 2007-06-20