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Auctioneer 3.0.11 Released

Auctioneer 3.0.11 has been released and is up-to-date with the 1.7 patch. It also contains many bug fixes and optimizations.

Posted by Araband 2005-09-14

New Improved Auctioneer Forums!

Please checkout the new forums here:

Posted by Araband 2005-08-30

Source Forge Forums Closed

The sourceforge forums are officialy closed, please checkout the new forums which are much better here:

Posted by Araband 2005-08-29

Auctioneer 3.0.10 has been released

Auctioneer is an interface addon to the World of Warcraft (TM) game. Auctioneer enhances the WoW interface by adding additional information to the tooltips in the game that allow you to see additional information on the value of items in the game. The 3.0.10 release is a maintenance release.

This is mainly a maintenace release:
# Updated toc to version 1600
# Localization fixes
# Code optimizations
# Fixed some compatiblity issues... read more

Posted by Araband 2005-07-20

New user documentation in the Documents section.

There is some basic user documentation now available in the documentation section of the project website. It covers all the basics such as the purpose of auctioneer and what the various statistics and messages mean.

There are also new forums for the discussion of the use and technical aspects of Auctioneer.

Posted by Norganna 2005-07-01

Auctioneer 3.0.9: Localization bug hotfix

3.0.9 fixes a bug that was introduced by the addition of the spanish locale.

Posted by Norganna 2005-06-25

Auctioneer 3.0.8: Enchantrix Compatability Release

Yet another Enchantrix compatibility update has been released.

If you upgrade to the latest beta of Enchantrix (2.0 beta 7) then you will also need to update to Auctioneer 3.0.8.

It also contains a couple of bug fixes. So if you are experiencing bugs, upgrading to this version may fix them.

Posted by Norganna 2005-06-24

Auctioneer 3.0.7 has been released

Auctioneer 3.0.7 has been released. This version is another compatibility release for the Enchantrix beta.

In this version, the enhanced tooltip functions have been removed from the Auctioneer addon and placed into a new addon library called "EnhTooltip" which is a co-dependant addon library for both Auctioneer and Enchantrix (and anyone else who may want to use it)

The major changes in this version:
- Enchanting craft window now displays auctioneer price data.
- Embedded mode now works again.
- Modification to the tooltip positioning code to make it neater and work better with shopping tooltips/equipcompare tooltips etc.... read more

Posted by Araband 2005-06-22