#35 Inconsistent permissions w/ bulk import


From Brad Joyce <bradj@coffsccs.nsw.edu.au>:

Hi David,
Sorry that I have not got back to you, like most
problems they only bug you when you try to use something.

Attached is the tab delimited file that I have tried to
import into the mysql database of auc. the users are
added but when I go to check on the status of the
account they are all sysop. When I query the mysql
datafile they are listed as student and normal. The
strange think is the user accounts manger page
they are all listed as students, however when going to
edit a particular account
the user is listed as a sysop. If I change the access
level to normal and re edit the account it says normal.
The listing in mysql stays the same, normal. Am I doing
something wrong that you can see? Is this something
that I should be worried about, ie. it says they have
sysop access but do they really have access??

The same problem was witnessed by Sean Falzon


  • David C. Moore

    David C. Moore - 2001-09-17

    Logged In: YES

    After a tip from Sean Falzon, it seems that this isn't
    really a bug, it's an annoying behavior of MySQL's "LOAD
    DATA" command. If you create the imported text file in
    windows, lines are terminated by /r/n, and the /r gets
    inserted into the MySQL table as part of the access
    priviledge field.

    The fix is to add "LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n'" to the "LOAD
    DATA" MySQL command. I've updated the instructions to
    include this information. It's unfortunate that MySQL
    doesn't figure this out automatically.

  • David C. Moore

    David C. Moore - 2001-09-17
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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