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VDC is using compression (ssh2) now

Reduces the response time regarding the communication between server and client. Also protects the content through encrypting. Specially using the VDC over the Internet you will take advantages of this feature.

A graphical slider allows you to optimize the compression grade according to the amount of cpu performance you want to invest.

Posted by Alain Siverly 2013-02-20

Version 1.1RC41 released

This should be one of the last 1.1RC versions before we release 1.2 LTS

Posted by Mike Aubury 2008-11-17

Vote for the logo!

We've got some options for the new Aubit4gl logo and we're looking for votes to help us decide which one to go for.

Go to :

and cast your vote!

(You can vote for multiple logos - but excessive voting will be voided :-)

Posted by Mike Aubury 2006-10-25

0.59-22 is up

This should be the first in the v1.0 release clients.
(ie If there are no major issues over the following week this will become version 1.0 :-)

For that reason - we are now in a 'bugfix only' mode

Posted by Mike Aubury 2006-09-04

Version 0.50-2 is up

We're on the road to v1.0 - so please download, test and report any issue...

Posted by Mike Aubury 2005-06-22

0.49-98 uploaded

We're now building up to the 1.0 release. This will be one of the last builds before the 0.5 -> 0.7 ->1.0 release process.

Please test and report any bugs ASAP in Mantis -


Posted by Mike Aubury 2005-05-09

We're (A)Live!

Its been confirmed that Aubit4GL is now running a large site in production.

With the aid of the Aubit4GL team and people from the Postgres community we now have a stable port of an pre-existing application originally written for Informix 4GL.

Using Aubit4gl talking to a Postgres database (with the informix compatibility patches) minimal changes were required from the original code to allow the migration - now in full production use..

Posted by Mike Aubury 2004-02-23

Aubit 4gl compiler 0.30 release candidate 1 available

Posted by Andrej Falout 2002-02-03

IMPORTANT downloads info

In preparation for relase of version 0.30 of Aubit 4gl compiler, all older releases downloads are disabled.

Until official 0.30 is released, please use "Nightly builds download page" at

Posted by Andrej Falout 2002-02-03

No ODBC dependencies builds available

Aubit compiler and 4gl programs compiled with Aubit now can compile and run with no ODBC drivers/managers installed.

Please see doccumentation manager for full description.

Posted by Andrej Falout 2001-10-13

New Documentation errata and supplements

Several Documentation errata and supplements doccuments where added to "Docs: section. Please take a look.

Posted by Andrej Falout 2001-09-29

Mailing list migrated to SourceForge

Old Aubit 4gl mailing list on Yahoo/EGroups is as of today closed. All subscribers should be migrated automatically. Please from today use mailing list hosted by Source Forge.

Posted by Andrej Falout 2001-09-28

Aubit 4gl V 0.20 released

Aubit 4gl team is proud to announce first official release, together with 9 binary builds. Get it while it's hot!

Posted by Andrej Falout 2001-09-28

Aubit compiled Maximise ERP

We compiled more then 800 Maximise ( 4gl programs using Aubit 4gl compiler. This is a big step towards version 0.2

Let us know if you have any 4gl code you want us to try Aubit on.

Posted by Andrej Falout 2001-09-26

Help wanted!

To all OpenSource developers: try Aubit 4gl, and join us! We need people with C skills, and appreciate all bug reports suggestions and comments.

Yours, Andrej Falout,

Posted by Andrej Falout 2001-07-31

Aubit 4gl migrated to SourceForge!

After more then two years of successful development hosted on, we decided that it's time for something bigger, and more visible to OpenSource community. Result you can see here. Please excuse teething problems, and join us in developing only free alternative for Informix 4GL.

Yours, Andrej Falout,

Posted by Andrej Falout 2001-07-31

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