Iterating over edges after ctrl+Z

  • Benjamin

    Benjamin - 2013-10-24

    Rev. 9790, OSX 10.8.4

    I've got an issue while iterating over the edges of my graph after ctrl+Z (Python).
    The piece of code:

    for e in
    n2 =, n)

    tells me:
    Exception: Edge with id 150935 does not belong to graph "unnamed" (id 16)

    which is rather strange since I'm iterating over these same edges...

    Note this does not happen when executing the script on the first time, but only after ctrl+Z
    This is quite problematic, forcing me to close and reopen my project whenever I'm editing the script.

  • Benjamin

    Benjamin - 2013-10-24

    Désolé trompé de discussion, je vais déplacer ça dans les tickets.

  • Adam Miller

    Adam Miller - 2013-10-24

    I bet someone could put a break point on the signal handler function in qt to find out what is receiving your ctrl+z, and then walk through what happens when ctrl+z is pressed.

    Also, grepping the source for ctrl+z or any variant of it as well as how keybindings are registered might help.


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