Tulip vs. graphviz

  • Steffen Greiffenberg


    today I've found your project in the net and everything sounds very impressive and interesting!

    We have released an app for the iPad which uses graphviz for the automatic layout of BPMN process models. This is a very dirty hack since graphics creates a lot of memory leaks and crashes often the whole app. The layout of clustered nodes is very buggy. All in all - very frustrating!

    Looking for an alternative I've found http://tulip.labri.fr/TulipDrupal/?q=node/211 and asked myself the following questions:

    (1) Is there some sample code which created that picture?

    (2) Can one extract code from your project for the following tasks (or does such a library already exists)?:

    - create graphs, subgraphs, cluster, nodes and edges
    - layout them (top down and left to right)
    - read position and size of nodes, edges and text

    (3) Can (2) be build for iOS? This could not be too hard since you Tulip is deployed on a Mac too. But maybe there are some known restrictions.

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

    Kind regards
    Steffen Greiffenberg

  • David Auber

    David Auber - 2012-10-25


    We've done that in Tulip in previous version 3.x. The software name is tlprender. That software was working exactly like dot.


  • Steffen Greiffenberg

    Hi David,

    do you still have the tulip source file which created this output? I can not find it in the tlprender package. Maybe we can learn from it for swim lane layouts …

    Steffen Greiffenberg


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