Dmitry - 2013-08-18


I've built a simple application that displays my graph using the googlemapsview plugin. Everything works fine, but I can't rotate the globe when I switch to the Globe View. When I try this in tulip_perspetive.exe application everything works fine (the globe spins), but not in my application. For the life of me I can't find where tulip_perspective nor GoogleGraphView installs the mouse navigation for this view type. I've tried to manually instantiate and set GoogleMapViewInteractorNavigation interactor, but nothing happens...


Looking through tulip_perspective I found that first all compatible interactors were set for a view and then the first one was chosen as for the setCurrentInteractor call. So I assume the problem was that I didn't add all compatible interactors first through the setInteractors call. Also, I switched to using QFrame->layout() rather than a layout directly not sure if that is significant.

--One more thing---

Please let me know if anyone has an idea of how to process a clicked on node (I'm guessing it's another interactor thing, but GetNodeInformation interactor is specific to certain views).

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