Changing values in selection in 4.2

  • David Monarchi

    David Monarchi - 2013-04-14

    Hello -

    System: Win Pro 7 x64; 4.2

    First, 4.2 is great!  I have been using Tulip for years, and the progress on the system is remarkable.

    Question:  if I have selected a group of nodes (or edges) is it possible to alter the value of, say, size for those nodes using metric mapping?  When I've tried to do this, the mapping changes all of the nodes, not just the ones selected. 

    Thanks for your help, and thanks again for the continued work on Tulip.


  • Patrick Mary

    Patrick Mary - 2013-04-15

    Hello David,

    I think you can do this using a temporary sub-graph build with the graph selected elements.
    The steps are as follows:
    - after selecting the interesting graph elements, click on 'Create sub-graph from selection' in the 'Edit' menu.
    This creates a subgraph called "selection sub-graph".
    - select the created sub-graph in the 'Graphs' hierarchy
    - apply the 'Metric Mapping' algorithm
    - select the created sub-graph in a Spreadsheet view
    - in the view display the 'Properties' configuration panel
    - int that panel click right on the "viewSize" property to display a contextual menu
    - select 'Copy' in that menu to display the 'Copy' dialog
    - choose 'Inherited property' -> viewSize as destination property
    - click 'Copy' button
    Thus the viewSize property in the ancestor graph of the created sub-graph
    has only been altered for your original selected elements.
    You can then delete the temporary sub-graph (click on 'Delete' contextual menu item in the 'Graphs' hierarchy widget)

    Hope this helps
    Thank you very much for your custom.

  • David Monarchi

    David Monarchi - 2013-04-15

    Thanks for the quick reply, Patrick!  That worked perfectly.  :-)



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