David Monarchi - 2012-12-26

Hello -

I have a hierarchy of graphs in version 4.1.  There are a total of 19 graphs.  The first 5 graphs beyond the root graph were created using Edit - Create Sub Graph From Selection.  Graph #5 has 11 subgraphs created using Equal Value clustering based on an attribute of the nodes.

Graph #3 is the parent of Graph #5 (above).  There is also a group created from Graph #3.  The root graph has 1899 nodes with 9083 edges.  Graph #3 has 1679 nodes with 9069 edges.  The group (Graph #18) has 8 nodes and 6 edges.

When I open the project, both the Node Link Pane and the Spreadsheet Pane are displayed correctly.  The Node Link Pane has both the Layers tab and the Scene tab visible; the group (Graph #18) is displayed.  If I switch the Node Link Pane to the root graph, the two tabs continue to be visible.  But if I go to the parent of the clusters, Graph #5, the two tabs vanish, and I cannot get them to reappear. 

I also can't figure out how to get the group (#18) to appear in its parent (#3) using the documentation for 3.8 as a guide (particularly pg 65-66).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  :-)

Thank you.