Quotient clustering plugin improvements

  • Melançon Guy

    Melançon Guy - 2012-04-20

    I thought I should share my thoughts so the Quotient Clustering plugin dialogs may be improved in future versions.

    The node function / edge function parameter description is unclear. The sentence should specify that the function is applied to all node/edge metrics and that the result is stored as part of the same property for the quotient graph.

    The sentence for edge cardinality doe snot make sense, 'computing the cardinality of the underlying edges' is non sense. 'Edges are assigned a value equal to the number of underlying edges they represent'. The sentence should also mention the fact that the obtained values take orientation into account when the orientation parameter is set to true.

    I hope this is appreciated. I  love quotient graphs.

  • David Monarchi

    David Monarchi - 2013-04-20

    Thanks for explanation of the node and edge function parameters, Guy. I hadn't found that before and was trying to figure out what they do.

    The interfaces that the edge cardinality stores the number of edges it represents, presumably in each direction if oriented is set to true. Yet in my Quotient Graphs, my edge cardinality is zero for all edges. Do you know what might be causing this? Thanks.



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