Tulip API

  • Anonymous - 2010-10-06


    I understand that you are in the process of developing some interfaces other than C++: scripting and Java. May I ask you in which release you plan to integrate the scripting and/or the Java interface? Is there any timetable to achieve this?

    The second question related to this is whether the API would include only graph manipulation components or also visualization components.


  • David Auber

    David Auber - 2010-10-06

    The new language interface will be available in Tulip in two steps.

    First we plan to release a plug-ins that will enable to write program directly through the Tulip HCI..
    These plug-ins are almost ready, we just need to double check multi-platform installation (mac OS & Windows)
    The second step will be to directly integrate it in the library, we have almost find a clever way to do it. It will
    ensure long time support of that new feature.

    In term of schedule, the first one will be available during the next few weeks, for the second one, I don't know exactly if we wiil
    be able to merge it in the 3.X.X tulip version or if we would have to wait the Tulip.4.X.X to make it available for everybody.

    However, it already works, thus it could be possible to give you an alpha-version access to that quite soon. If you work under linux
    and if you like to compile complex program (some people like it :-)  ) it should be possible.


  • packadal

    packadal - 2010-10-07

    To answer your second question, the first version only includes the graph manipulation API (but includes calling plug-ins such as layout, clustering, etc).
    A later version will include all the visualization part, but it might take some time to get there.

  • Anonymous - 2010-10-07

    Thanks very much, this gives me a good idea of your progress. It's worth keeping an eye on it. :-)


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