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  • HadiM

    HadiM - 2011-07-14


    I tried to improve the GraphML import plugin we talked about in this post It's still far to be perfect and I guess I didn't respect coding convention of Tulip development (if there is…).

    Anyway we can now configure the mapping between the coordinate in the GraphML file and the Tulip layout. We can also ignore some properties from GraphML specifying the name of the property or a regular expression.

    I only add features I needed, I will be glade to add other feature needed by something else.

    I would like to setup a kind of callback when the user has selected a file to be able to pre fill other parameters according to GraphML file content. Is there is a way to do that ?

    PS: the plugin has been developed and tested for Tulip 3.6



  • HadiM

    HadiM - 2011-07-14

    Sorry I forgot to paste the plugin:

  • HadiM

    HadiM - 2011-08-24

    Pastebin seems to have expired. New one there ->

  • Anonymous - 2011-11-02

    This is a really great plugin! Thanks hadim.

    Just wondering - can GraphML support trees that is represented by Edges & Nodes, with multiple sub-trees connected to a single edge?
    e.g. think of a bottle brush, with the main body (wire) of the brush being one edge with a single property (single length, volume, diameter), with a single start and finish node. Then all the bristles connected to that edge have their own properties. Their start nodes are along the brush wire, and finish nodes radially out from the wire.
    we dont want to disrupt the edge property of the wire "core", but the bristles are connected to this core.
    Can you imagine how this could be done?



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