Widget for Qt Designer (UI editor).

  • peter_teslenko

    peter_teslenko - 2013-10-21

    How can I use tulip with ui designer?
    I can not see any tulip widgets?

  • Adam Miller

    Adam Miller - 2013-10-21

    Oh man, I only just saw this, even though it was posted 7 hours ago... the email subscriptions service must be slow or something...

    Anyway, if you want to use Qt Designer to construct or modify the Tulip provided objects, you want to understand the layout of the folders and how they correspond to the source. Everything in Tulip is highly abstracted from one another using the plugin architecture. If you just want to know where the ui files are just use the find command:

    find . -name "*.ui"

    The developers put all the ui files in the designer folders.


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