can tulip do animations and dynamic node add?

  • marco.m

    marco.m - 2009-02-13


    I am considering moving from the Java-based prefuse toolkit to a C++ toolkit. Tulip sounds a good candidate, and I would like to know the following:

    1. say I am displaying a graph with the tulip libraries. Can I dynamically add nodes to the graph and have them incrementally added to the display? Could you give me hints on how to do it?

    2. does tulip support graph animation? If not, what would be the best approach to add it? Could you give me hints on how to do it?


  • David Auber

    David Auber - 2010-12-04


    Yes Tulip has been built to enable any kind of modification of the graph/attributes, Thus you can add node/edge dynamically if you want.
    However, if you want to dipslay the new elements you need to specify them new postion colors size etc….

    For the animation, we use animation in our project, however using the standard interface you can only animate transition between one step to another using the morphing option. We are currently working on a way to intergrate all our work about dynamic graphs into the
    current HCI. Any suggestions are welcome.


  • packadal

    packadal - 2010-12-04


    There are several ways to add nodes to a graph.
    As soon as you have a pointer to the graph object, you can easily add nodes, edges and set properties (such as color, size, position, …).

    if you want to get more familiar with the Tulip API, there is a set of tutorials and examples here:
    These tutorials all contain the source to a Tulip plug-in (the image import would show you how to add nodes, edges, and set the position and color of a node).

    As for animation, as David said, we have a projet we use internally and have not released yet, but it should be out soon enough.
    With this library, you would be able to animate a node"s (and/or edge"s) size, color and position very easily.

    If you would like to try the animation library, we could send you a tarball containing the sources, along with a small example.

    Hope this answers your questions :)


  • SSG

    SSG - 2015-05-06

    David, Charles,

    Would it be possible to get an update on getting tulip animations?


  • Majella von Zahn

    Hi Charles,
    I would like to try the animation library. Could you please send me the tarball? To Thank you so much,


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