ATutor 2.1 Released

ATutor 2.1 Released
October 5, 2012

ATutor 2.1 has been released. This version is a major release with a variety of new features and many adjustments and security enhancements. To try ATutor, or download a copy, follow the links below. Read on for more about the changes in this release.

ATutor Demo

ATutor Download
Changes in ATutor 2.1
Multisite ATutor: The main new feature in this release is the multisite extension for ATutor. This allows a single ATutor code base to run many independent subsites, ideal for service providers offering ATutor hosting, or ideal for organizations that prefer separate installations for departments, but prefer the convenience of managing only one ATutor installation. Administrators can install the Manage ATutor Multisite module in a standalone ATutor system to enable multisite features, and use it to easily create and manage any number of subsites.

LTI 1.1 Support: ATutor 2.1 now supports most of the IMS Learning Tool Interoperability standard version 1.1 (LTI 1.1), in addition to full support for LTI 1.0. LTI allows ATutor administrators and instructors to easily integrate third party tools to extend an ATutor installation or extend ATutor courses with added functionality.

IMS Conformant Learning Tools

Common Cartridge 1.0 and LTI 1.O Recertified: As usual ATutor has been recertified for the existing interoperability standard it supports to ensure it remains conformant. Certification # IMSA1B1as2012W1

ATutor CC & LTI Certification:

New Default Theme: As with each major release, the ATutor 2.1 series has a new look and feel.

iPad Theme: The ATutor mobile theme has been extended to support iPad. Use your iPad to take courses, to create them, or to manage your ATutor installation.

Simple Theme: Based on the iPad theme, the Simple theme displays ATutor on your desktop computer the way it would look if it were displayed on an iPad. The navigation features are tucked away to create a compact simple interface.

ATutorSpaces Theme: The new ATutorSpaces hosting service will soon be launched. The default theme for ATutorSpaces is now available as an ATutor theme option. Watch for the ATutorSpaces official launch in the coming weeks. For a preview, or to be one of the early adopters, visit the ATutorSpaces site to setup your own ATutor server. The first three courses on your ATutorSpaces site are free. Early adopters will also receive free access to ecommerce tools for collecting fees and automating enrollment, and have free access to the video conferencing system for live course delivery and conference recording.

ATutorSpaces Course Hosting

For a more complete list of changes visit the ATutor ChangeLog

ATutor ChangeLog

New Modules Available for ATutor 2.1
ATutor Calendar: This module provides a wide range of calendar functionality when added to ATutor, including integrated assignment and test due dates, personal and class calendars, import/export of ICS calendar files, and integrated Google calendars.

OpenID for ATutor: This module allows users to login to ATutor using their Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts.

BigBlueButton Video Conferencing Update: This module integrates an existing BigBlueButton video conferencing system into ATutor courses. This version is an update to support BBB 0.8, and includes the options to record, archive, and playback video conferences.

ATutor Payments Update: The payments module has had Moneris USA and Moneris Canada support added, allowing ATutor to integrate with these additional credit card processing services to collect course fees and automate course enrollment.

ATutor XMPP Chat: This module is the next generation ATutor chat application. Among a wide range of chat features, it provides accessible chats for assistive technology users making use of WAI-ARIA Live Regions, the latest technology for making dynamic Web content available to screen reader users.

ATutor Module Downloads
Other Recent News
ATutor & AContent Take Top Prize: The ATutor and AContent implementation of Common Cartridge with AccessForAll took top prize in the research and new projects category, taking home a Platinum Learning Impact Award at this year's IMS Learning Impact conference held in Toronto. The Learning Impact Awards are designed to recognize the most impactful use of technology worldwide in support of learning. For more about the award, visit the IMS Web site at:

IMS Learning Impact Awards Press Release

Upcoming AContent Release: As part of the Google Summer of Code 2012 work, AContent was extended with an LTI 1.0/1.1 provider interface, allowing it to easily integrate with ATutor or any other LTI conformant consumer application. ATutor and AContent were both updated to allow “live linking” of AContent learning materials into ATutor. Learning content resides in AContent but can appear in ATutor as integrated remotely accessed course materials. When learning content is updated in AContent, all ATutor courses that link to that content are automatically updated with the changes. Watch for the release in the near future for a full description of the new features coming in the AContent Leaning Content Repository.
This ATutor release includes about 50 new language items. Translators are encouraged to update their translations. Login to, then in MyATutor select Translate.

ATutor Translation Site:

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