ATutor 2.0.2 Released

*ATutor 2.0.2 Released*
December 21, 2010

ATutor 2.0.2 was released today. This release is primarily a stabilization release, with lots of adjustments aimed at refining functionality in the ATutor 2.0 series. For those using the ATutor 1.6 series or earlier, you should upgrade as soon as possible to take advantage of many new features and a number of security enhancements. For those using 2.0 or later, you might choose to upgrade if you are experiencing any problems with your current installation. Otherwise 2.0 users might choose to wait until the next release to upgrade.

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*New features in this release*

Though the focus of this release is stabilizing the ATutor 2.0 series, there are a few new features:

*Vimeo Video Support*: Much like embedding Youtube videos in content using the ATutor [media] tag, now embed your Vimeo videos as well.

*Group Photo Albums*: Now create photo albums that can be shared privately among course group members.

*Module API Content Editor Extension*: Module developers can now develop modules to extend the ATutor Content Editor. The first of these modules, to be available in the coming weeks, will be a Learning Tool module based on the IMS BasicLTI specification, used to associate activities with content, much like tests and forum activities are currently included with content.

*Theme Refinements*: More refinements to the eight themes included with ATutor, to correct layout and styling issues when ATutor is used with Internet Explorer. The new IDI Theme, an adapted version of the current Blumin theme, has also been added.

*Visual Editor Insert Image*: Previously part of the Advanced Visual Editor, content authors can now insert images into their content using the simple editor, making it easier for novice authors to create more visually appealing content.

For a list of other significant changes in this release, see the ATutor Change Log

For those interested in every detail, create an account on the bugtracker, then browser through recently resolved and closed bugs.

ATutor Bug Tracker Registration

Posted by Greg Gay 2010-12-21

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