ATutor 2.0 Beta1 Released

ATutor 2.0 Beta1 Released
May 12, 2010

The first public development version of ATutor 2.0 is now available for testing and public comment, leading up to a final release late June or early July 2010. ATutor users should take this opportunity to try out the new version, and post their comments and bug reports to the forums.

*ATutor 2.0 Demo*

*Bug Reports Forum*

*Download ATutor Beta1*

*What's new in ATutor 2?*
This release includes some major new features. Much of the source code has been rearranged to make it easier for developers to add and remove core and standard modules. There's also a new look, and ATutor now has a companion, the Transformable Repository, described in more detail below.

*New Features in this Release*

*Things Current*: ATutor modules have been extended with a new news features. Modules now feed out current activity, which gets compiled into a "Things Current" list on a user's home page.

*Integrated Photo Gallery*: The Photo Gallery module created for the previous version of ATutor, has now been integrated into the system, available as a standard module for ATutor. The Photo Gallery allows users to create their own private or shared albums, or a personal Profile album for gathering profile pictures for their networking area of ATutor. Photo albums can also be setup to allow students and instructors to share photos within courses.

*FlowPlayer Integration*: The Flowplayer Multimedia player is now available as a standard module. Adding a movie to content is as simple as uploading it and clicking the Insert button. Flowplayer is now the default media player used with the content [media][/media] tags.

*Preferences Wizard*: Each user can now quickly adjust their personal preferences using the new Preferences Wizard. Adjust various ATutor settings, modify the appearance to make ATutor easier to see, control which content adaptations display (like showing a transcript with a movie), and add and remove navigation elements to suit each individual's needs.

*New Look and Feel*: The ATutor default theme has been updated with a new look, adding to the collection of themes included with ATutor, and including many new Web 2.0 features. (a mobile theme is also in progress)

*Simplified Content Editor*: Much of the ATutor Content Editor has been redesigned to make it friendlier for novice users. Tools have been rearranged, and a new editor tools bar has been added. The Adapted Content editor, for developing AccessForAll conformant elearning content, has been redesigned making it easier to create content that adapts to each person's learning needs. The editor tool shortcuts have now been reduced to a nice little button bar available to content authors from anywhere within the content of a course. (a content creation wizard is also in the works)

*AccessForAll Tool Bar*: For content that has AccessForAll adaptations available, users can now view the alternate forms of content by clicking an associated icon, or by setting their content preferences with the Preferences Wizard.

*Integrated Common Cartridge with AccessForAll*: Another import, export, authoring first in the ATutor implementation of IMS interoperability standards, now content, assessments, and learning activities can now be packaged with accompanying AccessForAll content adaptations.

*OAuth Authentication*: The Open Authentication standard has been implemented in ATutor, making it easier to link it to other systems that support the standard, create a single signon across the systems ATutor might be paired with.

*Introducing the Transformable Repository*
NEW! Transformable is an accessible content authoring tool and repository. We've taken the ATutor content editor, test editor, AccessForAll editor, and interoperability import and export tools, and built them into their own content management system. Transformable can be used to create accessible elearning content, archive and share that content, and import or export it as IMS common cartridges, content packages, or QTI compliant test or question bundles. Transformable is ideal as a tool for authors and instructors using learning management systems that do not create or export accessible or interoperable content. You can now create conformant content in Transformable, and import it into your LMS.

*ATutor/Transformable Integration*: ATutor and Transformable work seamlessly together, allowing instructors to search for shared content in the repository and import it directly into their ATutor courses. Or, develop content in ATutor an export it directly to Transformable.

For more about Transformable, visit the development site at:

More about Transformable 1.0 will be available in the coming weeks, as we get closer to its first release, about the same time ATutor 2.0 is released.

Translators are encouraged to get started updating the ATutor language packs they are maintaining. There are about 120 new language items in this version of ATutor. And, to get started translating Transformable, which has about 680 language items. Login to MyATutor to Translate.


Posted by Greg Gay 2010-05-12

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