Why should I use Atunes???

  • Ryuk

    Ryuk - 2010-10-18

    Hello there. I thought, Atunes is much better than Itunes but in fact i think
    it isn't at the moment.
    Sure it's view on organizing stuff is MUCH better and the reason why i've
    chosed Atunes. I want to organize my folder by my own and listen music
    depending on my own folder structure.

    But the problem is. Atunes brings SOOOOO MANY Bugs it's unbelieveable.
    On the beginning i thought okay 1 or 2 bugs are okay, but i can mention right
    now in this second already 4 bugs that annoy me:
    1. I've added some streams to my library and always adding them to a playlist, nothign happens. And when i try again they appear twice.
    2. My Ipod accepts no Music from atunes and stays showing me the old playlist from itunes although there are no songs on the ipod (cause i deleted them with atunes)
    3. If a backside cover is not quadratic, it's just not displayed and instead the frontcover is showed again
    4. the timer is absolutely false. Atunes tells me right now that my song is over, but i hear it for about further 2 minutes.

    So why the heck should I use Atunes furthermore???
    I know that i'm free to leave, but perhaps i am doing something wrong, or do
    you guys deal everyday with this enermous bugs??? (Or am i just unabel to do

  • fleax

    fleax - 2010-10-18


    about point 2, it's not a bug since aTunes is not able to write to an iPod.
    aTunes can manage iPod files (so can delete them) but can't write iTunes
    database (which is stored inside iPod). That's why you see music that has been
    removed, because information is still in the database. This point causes a lot
    of confusing to users (I guess it's due to the name) but it's reported in FAQ:


    About other three points, yes, they are bugs (some of then have been reported
    for a long time and we didn't find a fix for all cases).

    The number of bugs have increased a lot in the last months since our work in
    the project has almost stopped. We used to release a new version almost every
    month, so we could fix bugs quickly, but right now our last release is four
    months old.

    On the other hand we focused in 2.0.0 version, adding new features instead of
    try to fix ALL bugs of 1.X, and I'm sure that was a mistake. Because old bugs
    were not fixed, and new features included new bugs :$

    As you say you are free to leave, in fact there are other excellent players
    that will fit your needs (I'm not going to tell you why you SHOULD use aTunes)
    But if you want to continue using aTunes you can collaborate with us by
    reporting bugs or testing fixes, or even helping with development if you have
    programming skills. Only three people work regularly in aTunes so any help
    would be welcome.

  • Ryuk

    Ryuk - 2010-10-18

    Okay i am very surprised and impressed by the professional manner you wrote
    I have to admit, that i was a bit in range while writing first post. Now you
    just told me the things i wanted to know and the atunes way including the
    support here and your post affirmed me in thinking atunes to be very sympatic.
    Nevertheless as for me it's a pity that my ipod can't be synchronized so i'll
    check out some other players now. But i will always have an eye on Atunes and
    watch what is up.

    Thank you very much and keep it up :-)


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