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  • Misanthropist.Just.Visiting

    G'day people !

    So it's pretty noticable that the last major update atunes had is about a year
    ago. What's more there are no regular updates :( It'd be cool if there were
    regular updates for atunes e.g nightly, weekly or monthly builds. An option
    could be introduced to opt-in on unstable updates or just get the stables

    Another point I'd like to discuss is documentation. I'm sure there are a few
    people out there who would like to drive this project forward and make it
    easier for people to join the development. Maybe some UML diagramms might help
    to visualize what's actually going on, which packages are being used and what
    for (class diagramm), what happens when (use cases and flow charts), etc.
    I for one would like to contribute to the documentation, however it seems like
    the wiki is abandoned …

    Users should know that something is happening behind the scenes. Also they can
    give feedback about the features being added and there would be a bigger
    testing base. For non-technical users it looks like the project has come to a
    halt and has been abandoned.

    What do y'all think ?

  • fleax

    fleax - 2011-08-27


    I have planned a new release as soon as I finish reviewing currently pending
    patches. The problem is currently I'm the only active developer, and I don't
    have enough time to work in application.

    I'm agree with you that users should know about the progress of application,
    so I want to go back to release new versions every one or two months, but to
    do that new versions will have less new features.

    Said this, any help in development or even management of the project is
    welcome. If you are really interested in helping the project, and given the
    fact that you already submitted some patches, I can give you administrator
    privileges so we could work together.

  • Misanthropist.Just.Visiting


    That's good news (new release). Imo going back to monthly or bi-monthly
    release would be beneficial, even if there won't be man new features. It might
    make others interested.

    I would love to help develop aTunes. Atm I'm still looking for a job and for
    the next two weeks I'm definitely @ home. We'll see how much time I'll have
    when I do get a job, but I believe this project would be beneficial for my
    experience and I do use atunes myself, so I do have the best interests for it.

  • Misanthropist.Just.Visiting

    Can't edit my former post :\

    Well you could put in a request for interested developers for the project.
    There might be some people interested people.

    Cheers !

  • Jan-Martin Ziem

    Jan-Martin Ziem - 2011-09-08

    i am. :)


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