aTunes 2 Won't even open for me

  • Vajrasattva1

    Vajrasattva1 - 2010-05-01

    The old version was fine. I installed version 2 and now it won't open.

  • fleax

    fleax - 2010-05-01

    Please review file aTunes.log for errors. This file is in your home folder, in
    ".atunes" for Linux or "AppData\atunes" for Windows.

  • bobjr94 Bob

    bobjr94 Bob - 2010-06-06

    Have the same problem. Updated to 2.0, it worked for a minute, got very slow
    and locked up and never worked again. I restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled
    and noting. When I try to open it, it instantly goes to 92mb of memory usage
    (according to task manager) and sits there, no window never opens or any other
    sign its running. Eventually I went back to my old version and it works as
    well as it always has and I am still using it. I will wait will 2.1 or
    something and try it again.

  • Vajrasattva1

    Vajrasattva1 - 2010-06-06

    I took your advice and reinstalled the old version. Glad I'm a pack rat and
    kept the old file.


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