Some issues with 2.0.0

  • LeRaldo

    LeRaldo - 2010-04-19
    1. The application does not remember window positioning and size completely when using the compartmentalized view after restarting the application.

    Example screen shots (warning: large)
    Wanted window position and size:

    What happens after application restarts:

    1. Tray Player is still only black. I remember asking for this to be fixed a while ago, and the response I got was something about it being fixed for Vista (I can't remember the exact reply).

    The issue is, I'm on Windows XP, and any dark explorer themes make the Tray
    Player unusable (see either of the above screen shots and look at the tray,
    bottom right).

    If there was an option to just change the tray player to white, that would be
    a huge help.

    1. Dragging songs to the Playlist acts funny now. It occurs randomly. What happens is, I will drag a song to the Playlist from explorer, and the Playlist will not update with that song. For example, starting with an empty Playlist, the playlist will just continue appearing empty after adding the song.

    When I try to add another song, the Playlist gets updated and both songs are
    now displayed. This can happen with multiple songs added at once; it doesn't
    have to be just one song. But so far, when I add a song(s) after the bug
    occurs, the Playlist gets updated properly with all songs. Very odd.

    OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 x86
    CPU: Intel C2D E6750
    RAM: 4GB
    GFX: EVGA 8800GT

  • Paksy David

    Paksy David - 2010-04-19

    On the player icon color, i think i could create some white strokes around
    each icon, that could help identify the icons on dark background.

  • fleax

    fleax - 2010-04-22

    Added three new bug reports for these issues.

    David, you are welcome to improve icons, as you did with our logo :-)


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