There should be a Mac installation guide!

  • Anonymous - 2010-10-20


    I'm a quite experienced computer user and just switched to Mac, coming from
    Linux/Windows dual boot.
    I tried several times to install aTunes. The current version on 20 oct 2010.
    It just doesn't work any way I try!
    There should be a guide that is updated everytime a new version of Java is
    released of a new version of MPlayer (which is the case for now I guess, the
    mplayer file which is refered to, is completely gone in the new mplayer
    If I can't manage it, normal inadvanced Mac users won't be able to install it
    either, that's for sure and that's not good for such a great software!

    Please do something on it, and let me know. I would really like to help with
    the guide but as long as I can't get it fixed for myself I can't make such a


  • Macolin

    Macolin - 2010-10-27

    Unluckily none of the developpers have a Mac. Problem as we are aware of is to
    make correct symlinks so aTunes can find mplayer and cdda2wav. Could you for
    example post the link from where you got the mplayer file?


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