Cover Art for device

  • Coacharnold

    Coacharnold - 2010-07-06

    Ok ....
    I want to be able to save album art to my device when I sync it (i.e. so the
    will show up in in Rockbox) I thought I might have figured it out ..... there
    is a choice to "save downloaded images" to media folder ..... I'm thinking
    that this should have saved album art images when I play a song from within my
    mounted device.... but alas it does not happen. I think I'm just doing this
    wrong, does anyone know the correct process?



  • Macolin

    Macolin - 2010-07-13

    aTunes does not save the image as a separate file to a device, but you could
    try to save the image to the file's tag itself. In playlist, select all songs
    you want to be tagged, right-click and select "Tags -> Set cover
    automatically" (make sure aTunes did not find any image file not being the
    cover in the same folder before).


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