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  • pablopablopablo

    pablopablopablo - 2009-05-10


    Could someone walk me through how to install this on OSX 10.4?

    I've tried to figure it out myself but it's very confusing and I can't find a clear guide anywhere. Also, I'm not a programmer so I don't know anything about compiling, etc.

    Any help, or link to a guide, would be greatly appreciated.



    • so and so

      so and so - 2009-06-03

      ok so fyi for anyone reading this:

      none of this will work for anyone with an os BELOW 10.5

      jave 1.6 is not offered for os 10.4 and lower.

      so atunes is not offered to us many poor multitudes who cant afford the newest computers.

      • Chris Nagle

        Chris Nagle - 2009-06-03

        Try Soy latte, search for soy latte java on google. you should find some helpful information. And for the record your not so poor after all.

    • Macolin

      Macolin - 2009-05-10

      On the mac the two main problems are:
      - Install and manually configure Java 6
      - Install mplayer and manually link to the actual application

      So first you need Java 6:

      When you open a command line and type:
      java -version

      The version number must be something like:
      Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_13-b03)

      If it does contain 1.5.0 instead of 1.6.0 you did something wrong. If the version number contains 1.6.0 but does not fully match the above it is OK.

      In a second step you should install aTunes. Get the .jar installer file (Multi-platform Installer):

      Open a command line and use the command cd to go to where the installer file has been saved. For example:
      cd /home/user/Downloads/

      Then start the installer by typing:
      java -jar aTunes_1.13.0_installer.jar

      Follow the instructions to install aTunes.

      Now before starting aTunes you need to install mplayer:

      We are not sure if the "sudo ln" command links to the correct location, so please give your feedback.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-10-19

    The file "MPlayer OS X"/Contents/Resources/External_Binaries/
    mplayer doesn't exist.
    The folder external binaries doesn't exist and in the folder resources and its
    subfolders isn't there any file called Neither is there another
    .app file.

  • Dan Dollar

    Dan Dollar - 2011-02-19

    signed up for an account just so i could say THANK YOU...spent a couple hours
    trying to figure this out until i read this thread

  • rickk

    rickk - 2011-08-01

    I'm on snow leopard 10.6. These instructions don't work at all. I've got the
    correct Java release and I've installed mplayer and done the terminal
    incantation and all I get is kernel errors and complaints about other
    directories not existing. It sounds like a good app, but it's uninstalable on
    a mac.

  • fleax

    fleax - 2011-08-01


    I'm currently working in make aTunes functional in Mac. However, I still have
    no date scheduled to release a version, so if you can access SVN server you
    could generate a DMG file in your own machine to test it.

    In that version there is no new to set manually mplayer path, aTunes finds it
    automatically if installed. Also, there is a custom UI for Mac.

  • rickk

    rickk - 2011-08-01

    Thanks for the quick response fleax. I don't know how to access the server you
    mentioned. Are there instructions somewhere? Will atunes do any synching on a

  • fleax

    fleax - 2011-08-02

    Ok, more easy: here is a link to a DMG with current development version:

    Please note it is a BETA version, so some features won't work, but feedback
    about this version will be welcome :)

    About your question, aTunes for Mac will not do any synchronization like
    iTunes does with iPods, at least for now.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-08-02

    Nice that you make work of this!! Really appreciate this. I still hate the
    lack of a Mac version of MediaMonkey :D But I got it partially working with
    Feedback for this Beta:
    - When hiding the 'Navigation Tree' and reshowing it, the window stretches out of my screen a lot. (When hiding it the window width remains, while when reshowing it, the tree is added to the window width, so the total width increases.)

    Feedback for aTunes in general:
    - Consider making it possible to browse your repository more MediaMonkey like: A left sidebar with Artists/Albums and the Songs from the Selected Artist/Album in the middle screen. You can eventually have 2 middle screens with 1 for browsing and 1 for the Playlist.
    MediaMonkey shows it's now playing smaller on the right side.
    In my opinion browsing music for selection is more important than seeing the
    list of selected songs.

    Great job!

  • fleax

    fleax - 2011-08-03

    You can change in preferences to move songs selected to center of window,
    above play list.


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