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Welcome to the wiki for ATS, the Applied Type System.

The most recent version of ATS is version 0.2.9.

The programming language ATS unifies specification and implementation by accommodating a programmer-centric approach to program verification: How do we know a program being implemented correctly? We ask the programmer to demonstrate it with a proof.

ATS also has another website (built using ATS itself). For a thorough introduction to ATS, see the book Introduction to Programming in ATS.

This wiki contains the following pages.

ATS is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2.1, or any later version.


Wiki: Building and installing
Wiki: Built-in constraint solving
Wiki: Built-in datatypes
Wiki: Built-in operators
Wiki: Code optimization
Wiki: Error messages
Wiki: Frequently asked questions
Wiki: Input and output
Wiki: Memory leaks
Wiki: Stack and heap allocation
Wiki: Style guide
Wiki: char
Wiki: dataviewtype
Wiki: sort
Wiki: type



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