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Atpdec 1.7 released : Adding NOAA-18

This new version adds NOAA-18 satellite parameters for Temperature channel calibration.
-s parameter has been changed to handle NOAA 15,16,17 and 18 satellite.

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2005-05-23

Atpdec 1.6 released

Fix some math lib problem
Change again false color generation

Upgrade to Production/Stable

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2004-04-24

pb with some version of gcc/glibc

It seems that some users have problem with newer version
of gcc or glibc.
atpdec compile Ok but don't produce readeable images.
Optimisation level , change behaviour too ...

I will try my best to solve these problems quickly

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2004-04-23

Apdec 1.5 released

Yet a new version of Atpdec.
Improvement in false color generation :
- better color scheme
- double resolution output

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2004-02-09

Atpdec 1.3 released

Lots of small changes :
- bug fixes
- new AM demodulator front end (use a Costas loop)
- improve polyphase filter
- improve calibration (polynomail regression insteed of linear)
- new false color generation scheme

A binary version for window is available for download.

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2003-11-18

Atpdec 1.2 released

- Fix some interface bug
- change AM demod
- improve polyphase filter resampler
- fix calibartion bug

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2003-11-01

Atpdec 1.1 download format problem

It seems that atpdec-1.1.tar.gz was not at the good format.
It was a not compressed tar file even if its suffix was .tar.gz
fixed the 01/11/03

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2003-11-01

Atpdec 1.1 released

The first Beta version of Atpdec has been released.(

Atpdec is a NOAA POES satellite image software decoder.
Look at to see some images generated with atpdec.

Posted by Thierry Leconte 2003-10-19