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Well, Atom has been dormant for a while as personal issues have intruded into my project time, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

Looking at the code, I decided that I needed to move away from Delphi and to an open development language, and have decided to use FreeBasic. FreeBasic is open source, cross-platform and just an excellent basic programming language all around. You can find FreeBasic right here on SourceForge and it is worth a look.... read more

Posted by Richard Clark 2006-02-23


Due to some personal issues, I will be going offline for a bit. I will continue working on Atom while I am offline, so the project isn't dead. I am still working on BAX, and I am also looking at a Windows version of Atom. Hopefully, when I get back online, I will have some new stuff to post.

Posted by Richard Clark 2004-10-04


Not much is happening with Atom at the moment while I work on a Basic/C to Atom Assembler translator, called BAX. So far I have the following code working:

'This is a test file for the bax translator'
'This comment
spans two lines'
dim %a = 4
dim %b = 5 dim %c = 10
dim %d, %e, %f, %g
dim %h, %i, %str = "This is a string"

%d = 52 %e = 24
'assigments with math'
%f = 12 + 34.5 * (6 / 4)
'assignments with math and vars'
%g = %d+%e*(5+%a)
%h = "This is a string value."
%i = %h
print ("a: "; %a, "b:"; %b, "c: "; %c, "d: "; %d, "e: "; %e,
"f: "; %f, "g: "; %g, "h: "; %h, "i: "; %i, "A string")
gosub label1
goto label2
print("You won't see this.")
print("This is the end.")
end... read more

Posted by Richard Clark 2004-08-30

Version 1.0

Since Atom seems fairly stable at this point I have bumped it to version 1.0 and marked it as stable. There may be a bug or two lurking in there somewhere, but I haven't come across any lately.

This is the final console version and is feature-complete, except for bug fixes. 1.0 also includes a binder that you can use to compile the source into a standalone exe.

Posted by Richard Clark 2004-03-20

Getting Back to It

Things have been a little slow lately, but I plan on getting things back on track in January. The console version seems stable at the moment so I am going to upgrade it to Beta rather than Alpha.

The next step is to try and get some sort of windows version out. There are a few issues to be worked out on that. Right now I am using Delphi, but I may have to go to C. I am looking at PellesC as a possible target platform. It is free, and has a nice set of features. However, since I am not much of a C programmer, this will be a learning experience. I think I need to do it though. Moving to C will really open up the project and allow me to do things I couldn't do (very easily) otherwise.

Posted by Richard Clark 2003-12-20

Alpha 2 Release

I have converted Atom from BCX/LCC to Delphi, as well as adding in quite a few new opcodes. This will be the last release for a while as I plan the next step in the VM.

Posted by Richard Clark 2003-09-11

Things a Little Slow

The conversion to FreePascal is proceeding, but slowly right now. I was able to scare up a paying job, so for right now, that takes precedence (I like to eat). I am still trying to maintain the schedule listed on the Tasks page, but no promises at this point.

Posted by Richard Clark 2003-05-23

Project Now on SourceForge

The good folks as SourceForge were kind enough to approve my request for setting up Atom here. I am still trying to get things set up, so if something isn't working yet, please bear with me.

Posted by Richard Clark 2003-05-05

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