Devon Hubbard - 2010-07-14

When batch processing a bunch of AAC encoded audio files (audio books) with file the '.m4a' file suffix, and the -overWrite option, atomicparsley changes some of the files to '.m4b' suffixes.  For example, out of a audio CD folder of 99 tracks in files ending with '.m4a', 28 of them are changed to '.m4b' file suffix.  All the input files were encoded with the same encoder (i.e. iTunes) and all are around the same size with some slightly larger, some slightly smaller.  avg around 550k.

Here's the shell command I'm using to batch process setting the 'Audiobook' stik on files in the current directory…

> find . -name "*" -print -exec atomicparsley {}  -stik "Audiobook" -overWrite \;

I've read through the help, -longhelp and stuff here online and must be missing a glaring option or behavior explained somewhere.  It's so nice to be able to set the stik on a ton of files at the same time with AtomicParsley, but the -overWrite changing the file suffix is technically not overwriting.