Yahoo Widget Engine Interface 4 AP mp4 files

  • Arr MiHardies

    Arr MiHardies - 2006-10-02

    Since Ive been importing a lot of my movies into itunes, and having to manually update a lto of tags one by one (the stik tag anyone?) I made a widget for the yahoo widget engine to speed things up. Ive polished it up and its almost ready for testing. Im just wondering how interested people would be to actually see/use this. Ill probably post a link to the file once I have it ready (nearly done).

    • Arr MiHardies

      Arr MiHardies - 2006-10-02

      I have uploaded my Yahoo! Widget Engine widget, currently named iTags to

      Currently, this has only been tested on the macs. though I have coded it to support win32 as well, so it should (hopefully) also work on windows.

      Again, this uses the Yahoo! widget engine ( )

      This, of course, uses Atomic Parsely, which is included inside the package, along with all documentation, etc. Just unzip the widget to get at it (for those who are concerned with such things)

    • Arr MiHardies

      Arr MiHardies - 2006-10-04

      Did I mention you can do batch changes with this? Comments please.

    • puck lock

      puck lock - 2006-10-06

      I didn't even know about Yahoo widgets.

      I would guess that most people show up in the forums when there is a problem, so I'll list iTags on the main page so more people know it exists, if thats okay.

    • Chad Clifford

      Chad Clifford - 2006-10-13

      Your Widget was not working for win32.

      The if statment in the JavaScript for win32 is incorrect.

      on line 227 you have

      if (!runCommand("AtomicParsley/win32/AtomicParsley.exe "+convertPathToPlatform(selectedFiles[items]).match(/bad mpeg4 file/))){

      The closing parenthesis for the runCommand() is in the wrong place, you are only giving the file to AtomicParsley.

      Change it to
      if (!runCommand("AtomicParsley/win32/AtomicParsley.exe "+convertPathToPlatform(selectedFiles[items]) + “ –T” ).match(/bad mpeg4 file/)){

      and it will test files correctly for valid mpeg4 files.

      While this did correct the issue with testing for valid mpeg4 files it does not help for cases where there is a space in the path name. AtomicParsley does not like spaces in the path name and the default location for iTunes music is C:\Document and Settings\user\My Documents\My Music\....

      To correct this issue I chance line 227 and 229 to add opening and closing quotes to the path string like so

      if (!runCommand("AtomicParsley/win32/AtomicParsley.exe \""+convertPathToPlatform(selectedFiles[items])+ "\" -T").match(/bad mpeg4 file/)){
              progressTimer.ticking = 1;
              runCommand("AtomicParsley/win32/AtomicParsley.exe \""+convertPathToPlatform(selectedFiles[items])+ "\"" +commandLine);           
              progressTimer.ticking = 0;
          } else {
     += "\nThis file does not appear to be a valid media file";

      Other then that is works great.

    • Arr MiHardies

      Arr MiHardies - 2006-10-26

      Thanks for the Win32 comments. Ive updated the code. Im changing web hosts, so from now on, you can get the file at   this new url will work both before and after the domain is transfered.

    • Arr MiHardies

      Arr MiHardies - 2006-10-26

      URL correction. The new url is actually:

    • Arr MiHardies

      Arr MiHardies - 2006-10-26

      please update the projects section of the main page with the new url. Thanks!

    • Arr MiHardies

      Arr MiHardies - 2006-11-05

      my iTags widget, used to batch create most all of the itunes tags has been updated.
      Update includes better support for the windows platform, better handling of quotations within tags, and the addition of the ability to add artwork to your files.


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