Newer AtomicParsley binary for Windows here

  • HolyRoses

    HolyRoses - 2009-01-07

    grab his, URL below is direct link at time of this post

    D:\AtomicParsley>AtomicParsley-utf8.exe -v
    AtomicParsley from svn built on Mar 23 2007 (raw utf8)

    AtomicParsley filename.m4v --DeepScan --iPod-uuid 1200 --overWrite
    AtomicParsley filename.m4v --DeepScan --iPod-uuid 1200 --output newfile.m4v


  • Thomas Hamstrup

    Thomas Hamstrup - 2010-01-07

    Hi holyroses

    Isn't there a newer Windows version than the above (Mar 2007)?

  • HolyRoses

    HolyRoses - 2010-01-07

    it was the newest i could find pre-compiled at the time.  You could compile wez's repository if you have the ability.


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