xid tags and AP

  • John-Paul Harold

    Hello. I've recently been tasked with some iTunesLP investigation and all seems straightforward enough, except the creation/insertion of these "XID " atoms. What is the accepted way of adding these atoms? Are they planned to be added in the future? Also, it's mention in various tutorials pertaining to iTunesLP authoring, that a modified version of AP exists with support for this atom, does anyone have a copy?

    Apologies if this is the nth time this has been asked, I couldn't see any explicit reference to to this topic in the forums, but granted, i haven't read every single post.

    thanks in advance


  • HolyRoses

    HolyRoses - 2010-01-12

    provide an existing published itunesLP encoded file from apple itunes store and I can probably add support for it to wez repository.

    I need a published file so that I can analyze the tag exactly and its length, etc.

  • HolyRoses

    HolyRoses - 2010-01-16

    I just ran across an xid atom in a legit file

    xid : Paramount:vendor_id:34850001

    Basically its just an rDNS atom.  Set it the same way as iTunEXTC or iTunMOVI atoms and should be fine.


  • racca

    racca - 2010-06-09

    could you elaborate a bit? i can't seem to be able to get it done. ituneslp is not reading it

  • HolyRoses

    HolyRoses - 2011-03-16

    I believe I was wrong on my initial analysis.  Looks like the proper code was checked into bitbucket atomicparsley project.


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