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  • astrobot10

    astrobot10 - 2007-03-06

    iTunes 7.1 is out and includes a few things that might impact AP:

    * addition of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and United Kingdom movie and TV ratings
    * sort fields (for instance, if you wanted The Beatles to be sorted by "The" instead of "Beatles" in your library) though I'm not sure that this will be placed in an atom (more likely in the iTunes database)

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-06

      Upon closer inspection, the sort fields are present as atoms within each file:

      sonm = sort name
      soal = sort album
      soar = sort artist
      soaa = sort album artist
      soco = sort composer
      sosn = sort show

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-10

      Anyone have any news on this?

    • Lowell Stewart

      Lowell Stewart - 2007-03-14

      Don't know if this will be interesting to anyone or not... but I was looking into adding support for international ratings to Lostify, so out of curiosity I went spelunking through the iTunes binary to try to discover the appropriate strings for international ratings in the metadata.

      One unexpected thing I discovered, was that the little ratings badge that iTunes 7.1 displays next to the name of the Movie or TV Show is not a graphic.  Or at least, it is not limited to displaying existing or valid ratings.  It will show about anything you want to place between the pipe characters in the ratings string.

      So in other words, I don't know for sure whether these values are "correct" according to iTunes.  I thought I would test this by enabling Parental Controls for my iTunes and seeing if files marked with certain ratings would be blocked from playing, but I couldn't even get Parental Controls to block playing US stuff I've purchased from the iTunes store, so I'm not sure how that's supposed to work.  (Maybe it's just to prevent you buying stuff at the store??)

      Anyway, following are my best-buess international ratings strings that *might be* consistent with iTunes, based on my inspection of strings extracted from the binary...

      US Movies:

      US TV:

      UK Movies:

      UK TV: No ratings supported

      Ireland Movies:

      Ireland TV:

      New Zealand Movies:

      New Zealand TV:

      Australia Movies:
        au-movie|MA 15+||

      Australia TV:
        au-tv|MA 15+||
        au-tv|AV 15+||

      Canada Movies:

      Canada TV:

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-14

      According to puck_lock, the US ratings work in this fashion:

      mpaa|Some optional text here|100|
      mpaa|Some optional text here|200|
      mpaa|Some optional text here|300|
      mpaa|Some optional text here|400|
      mpaa|Some optional text here|500|
      mpaa|Some optional text here|600|

      Even if you don't have any text between the first two pipes, as long as you have the number between the last two, it will show up correctly. The above correspond to G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, and Unrated, respectively. Typically, a reason for the rating is given between the first two pipes (this shows up in iTunes 7.1 in the library and when using Get Info). US TV shows follow the same pattern:

      us-tv|Some optional text here|100|
      us-tv|Some optional text here|200|
      us-tv|Some optional text here|300|
      us-tv|Some optional text here|400|
      us-tv|Some optional text here|500|
      us-tv|Some optional text here|600|

      which correspond to TV-Y7, TV-Y, TV-G, TV-PG, TV-14, and TV-MA, respectively. So I don't know if those values you posted are actually correct, even if they display "correctly."

    • Lowell Stewart

      Lowell Stewart - 2007-03-14

      According to my observations and experimentation, I believe the ratings string are actually formatted as follows:

      rating-type|rating-name|number|Some optional text here

      For example, a movie I purchased from the iTunes store is rated as follows:

           mpaa|PG-13|300|For sexual content and drug references.

      I know from my own experimentation, that whatever goes between the first two pipes, is what iTunes shows as the ratings "badge" next to its name.

      I suppose the thing I haven't figured out yet is what numbers correspond to each of the international ratings.  I'll play around in a hex editor and see if I can't discover that information as well.

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-14

      "rating-type|rating-name|number|Some optional text here "

      Oops, you're right. I accidentally posted that wrong. Thanks for your input. :)

    • Lowell Stewart

      Lowell Stewart - 2007-03-14

      Okay, pardon the 2nd mammoth post, but if anybody's interested...

      I went through the iTunes 7.1 binary again, and found the "rating magic number" for each of the international ratings fields recognized by iTunes.  Again, these are values inferred from looking at the binary in a hex editor, but we're talking about iTunes implementation details here, so user beware...

      United States (01)
          Not Rated    mpaa||0|
          G        mpaa|G|100|
          PG        mpaa|PG|200|
          PG-13    mpaa|PG-13|300|
          R        mpaa|R|400|
          NC-17    mpaa|NC-17|500|
          Unrated    mpaa|UNRATED|900|

          Not Rated    us-tv||0|
          TV-Y        us-tv|TV-Y|100|
          TV-Y7    us-tv|TV-Y7|200|
          TV-G    us-tv|TV-G|300|
          TV-PG    us-tv|TV-PG|400|
          TV-14    us-tv|TV-14|500|
          TV-MA    us-tv|TV-MA|600|
          Unrated    us-tv|UNRATED|900|

      United Kingdom (02)
          Not Rated    uk-movie||0|
          U        uk-movie|U|100|
          Uc        uk-movie|Uc|150|
          PG        uk-movie|PG|200|
          12        uk-movie|12|300|
          12A        uk-movie|12A|325|
          15        uk-movie|15|350|
          18        uk-movie|18|400|
          E        uk-movie|E|600|
          Unrated    uk-movie|UNRATED|900|

          Not Rated    uk-tv||0|

      Ireland (03)
          Not Rated    ie-movie||0|
          G        ie-movie|G|100|
          PG        ie-movie|PG|200|
          12        ie-movie|12|300|
          15        ie-movie|15|350|
          16        ie-movie|16|375|
          18        ie-movie|18|400|
          Unrated    ie-movie|UNRATED|900|

          Not Rated    ie-tv||0|
          GA        ie-tv|GA|100|
          Ch        ie-tv|Ch|200|
          YA        ie-tv|YA|400|
          PS        ie-tv|PS|500|
          MA        ie-tv|MA|600|
          Unrated    ie-tv|UNRATED|900

      New Zealand (04)
          E        nz-movie|E|0|
          G        nz-movie|G|100|
          PG        nz-movie|PG|200|
          M        nz-movie|M|300|
          R13        nz-movie|R13|325|
          R15        nz-movie|R15|350|
          R16        nz-movie|R16|375|
          R18        nz-movie|R18|400|
          R        nz-movie|R|500|
          Unrated    nz-movie|UNRATED|900|

          Not Rated    nz-tv||0|
          G        nz-tv|G|200|
          PGR        nz-tv|PGR|400|
          AO        nz-tv|AO|600|
          Unrated    nz-tv|UNRATED|900|

      Australia (05)
          E        au-movie|E|0|
          G        au-movie|G|100|
          PG        au-movie|PG|200|
          M        au-movie|M|350|
          MA 15+    au-movie|MA 15+|375|
          R18+    au-movie|R18+|400|
          Unrated    au-movie|UNRATED|900|

          Not Rated    au-tv||0|
          P        au-tv|P|100|
          C        au-tv|C|200|
          G        au-tv|G|300|
          PG        au-tv|PG|400|
          M        au-tv|M|500|
          MA 15+    au-tv|MA 15+|550|
          AV 15+    au-tv|AV 15+|575|
          Unrated    au-tv|UNRATED|900|

      Canada (06)
          Not Rated    ca-movie||0|
          G        ca-movie|G|100|
          PG        ca-movie|PG|200|
          14        ca-movie|14|325|
          18        ca-movie|18|400|
          R        ca-movie|R|500|
          E        ca-movie|E|600|
          Unrated    ca-movie|UNRATED|900|

          Not Rated    ca-tv||0|
          C        ca-tv|C|100|
          C8        ca-tv|C8|200|
          G        ca-tv|G|300|
          PG        ca-tv|PG|400|
          14+        ca-tv|14+|500|
          18+        ca-tv|18+|600|
          Unrated    ca-tv|UNRATED|900|

    • puck lock

      puck lock - 2007-03-20

      I've added the sorting order atoms with this build:

      but you'll have to use the full reverseDNS form to set the other ratings - I won't be adding presets as in the US rating system. Lowell Stewart has provided the strings required for all the known ratings, so it won't be difficult.

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-20

      Yeah, I've actually been using reverseDNS for a while now to do those. Thanks a lot for adding the sort stuff.

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-21

      Some of my users have been informing me of a crash in AtomicParsley when attempting to tag previously tagged files. I'll try to get you more specifics, but here's one of the files that causes the error:

    • puck lock

      puck lock - 2007-03-22

      It's not the file, its the iTunEXTC atom when it needs to be set to something else. Or, here's hoping that's the problem. Here is a fix:

      If that doesn't address the issue, you'll have to tell me what command arguments made AP crash.

      BTW, you should tell whoever created that file (on Feb 19, 2007) to try and update to a newer ffmpeg - it stopped creating ©req & ©nam atoms a long time ago, and things have improved slightly on the encoding side of ffmpeg.

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-23

      AP no longer crashes, but it doesn't save tags in previously tagged files. Here's a sample from one of my users:

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-24

      AP doesn't crash with this file converted with QuickTime 7 (, but when I try adding certain tags to it like --disk and use --overWrite, it gives me this error:

      AtomicParsley error: an atom was detected that presents as larger than filesize.
      atom free is 4294967273 bytes long which is greater than the filesize of 29372221

    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-24

      Using --freefree on the file got rid of the error, so I don't know if it has something to do with where the free atoms are located or how they're being parsed...

    • puck lock

      puck lock - 2007-03-24
    • astrobot10

      astrobot10 - 2007-03-24

      Thanks, that seems to have fixed everything.

    • Lewis Butler

      Lewis Butler - 2007-05-23

      I'm confused by the UK ratings:

      Not Rated uk-movie||0|
      U uk-movie|U|100|
      Uc uk-movie|Uc|150|
      PG uk-movie|PG|200|
      12 uk-movie|12|300|
      12A uk-movie|12A|325|
      15 uk-movie|15|350|
      18 uk-movie|18|400|
      E uk-movie|E|600|

      There is no UK rating 'E', but there is a UK rating R18 which is used exclusively for porn (A regular 18 is restricted to those 18 or over, a R18 is restricted to special theaters and those 18 or over).  And just for the record, a UK R is not equivalent to a US R (a US 'R' movie is nearly always rated 15 in the UK, sometimes even 12A).

      • Lowell Stewart

        Lowell Stewart - 2007-05-24

        Regarding the UK ratings (or any of the other international ratings, for that matter), I'm not arguing with you.  I just looked at, and indeed there is no "E" rating, but just an R18 as you say.  However, I also double-checked the values I posted before, and those are indeed embedded in the iTunes binary (including the latest version).  So perhaps Apple haven't been very careful at using the correct ratings, or for that matter at approximating the numeric "translations" between ratings.  I suppose they don't think it's that big a deal yet, since they're not selling UK video content yet.  (Little did they suppose folks might dig through their binary and start tagging videos already.)

    • Gautam Bhatnagar

      hi when i try to run the mar23 build i get an error saying there's no zlib1.dll or something like that?


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