AtomicParsley 0.8 GUI

  • Swimming_Bird

    Swimming_Bird - 2006-01-30

    I made a little GUI for AtomicParsley 0.8.
    Feel free to leave any feedback/suggestions here.

    *Have it autopopulate on files with already set data
    *Apply data to whole folders or multiple files.

    • BStory

      BStory - 2006-01-30

      The default extention for an itunes movie file is m4v.  AtomicParsley can also handle audio files.

      The field descriptions run into the check boxes when large fonts are installed (control panel-> display-> settings-> Advanced-> Font Size).

      Album art is disabled in the win32 version of AtomicParsley.

      Very nice to see another gui for windows, especially since AtomicGui disapeared.

      • Swimming_Bird

        Swimming_Bird - 2006-01-30

        I originally had it set to work with mp3s but the actual exe didn't seem to like it.

        Thanks for the comments I'll get a new one up soon.

    • puck lock

      puck lock - 2006-02-01

      I've added you to the programs that use AP on the main web page. Thank you for the program.

      You should also watch for the next version (which I will commit into the cvs repository soon), that the --writeBack flag has been removed. In its place are --output where you can specify the path of the output file (i.e. '--output /Users/you/Z1.mp4') or to use '--overWrite' which will write out to a temp file, but at the end, just delete the original file, and rename the tempfile to the original filename. No more double-writes. Well, that is what it does on Mac/Linux/cygwin. Hopefully the rename() function is present in native win32.

      AtomicParsley will work with any half-way valid mpeg-4 file. It determines this from the first few bytes of the file. Currently, these extensions are known to work:

      .mp4, .m4p, .m4b, .m4v, .mp4, .3gp

      (3gp tags properly, but iTunes doesn't display the artwork in the lower left window, could be an abomination for all I know).

      Also, while it isn't supported, jpeg2000 files have the same file format. I'm pretty sure I would mangle them. Some quicktime .mov files would get through too, but there are things in the quicktime specification that I don't handle, so AP would not be a great choice for .mov files either.

    • puck lock

      puck lock - 2006-02-01

      that should be:

      .m4a, [...]

    • Swimming_Bird

      Swimming_Bird - 2006-02-01

      while i orginally had it support any/all of those the only real thing that this gui would be useful for with audio files is to set the podcast flag. For all the more basic fields there are more powerful and efficent tools imo.

      I'll prolly re-implement music support if i can get it working (i dont know why it didnt work earlier). I just dont think it's nearly as important.


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