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Atomatrix Beta-Mature Status

Atomatrix is a multithreaded execution system of atomic matrices with a dynamic compiler and network eviron. It is the next generation object-oriented environment. Atomatrix and Alchematrix have moved into beta-mature status.

If asked, "why not just beta or mature," I explain it for the rock solid software model built underneath a continued growth of dynamic features.

The code was in Alpha-Mature status. Even before that, I orginally only had the code available for a few unix platforms. The code did an incredibly broad object-oriented style program executiion, yet I wanted something to set it apart from the rest of the OO world. I blasted the source code with tons of ideas, and split up the sources among several projects. Over a year time and between school work, I connected the pieces back together again. I had an entirely new base software model. Not a single piece of code went without tests as they were connected to the base model. That put the base model through rigorous tests, and it survived them all. Since I continued to change the connect pieces, I pushed them back into an alpha status.

The code, now, is still able to completely run the 15 year old adventure game, with a simple english parser and multitasked AI monsters, programmed within its own language. I evolved the adventure game into a virtual environment for software development, as I found the environment very intuitive. Much of the alpha status code remains stable; therefore, I up it a notch with beta status and turned CVS back on.

Here are the commands to access the sources:

cvs login

cvs -z3 co BETA

Click here if you need more help with CVS:

Posted by BJH 2003-12-25

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