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AtomatiCMS Version 1.0

The new version adds a couple of features created for convenience, as well as the usual bug fixes. The main feature added is the duplication function, which allows you to duplicate content, snippets, templates or even a whole page by a single click.

The AtomatiCMS tag system has also been improved with a few new features:\ -"notinpages" is the reverse of the "pages" attribute in the tag, so {acms:snp(contactinfo) notinpages(home)} will mean the content of snippet "contactinfo" will not appear in the page "home"
-{acms:mod} can now directly call a script file without setting it up in the CMS, e.g. {acms:mod(test.asp)}
-adding {acms:file(filename.txt)} into a page means that the contents of that file will be added into the page.

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-08-25

Wrong database

If you are trying to set up using Access, you may not be able to... The database included was from an earlier version and will not work. Download and use the included MDB file instead. Cheers!

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-05-18

Version 0.9b

It's been a while since the last release. I just moved from Australia to the UK, but now I'm settled in and ready to go again.

A few fixes and minor updates. Nothing major. Version 1.0 is already in the works and will include a couple of handy features such as duplication. I will also rework the addons/modules implementation, so that the menu doesn't can't get too big.

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-05-06

Some minor fixes for 0.7B

Some minor but significant fixes have been made, download to fix the issues in 0.7B.

New users should download the core or all package, as well as the fix.

For those using Access database, the included Access database did not include the "File Manager" in the top nav, follow these steps to add it to the top nav:

Go to Advanced > Menus and add a new menu
Title : File Manager
Keyword : filemanager
Filename : acms_filelist.asp
Parent : Top Level
Core : Yes... read more

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-02-01

AtomatiCMS 0.7B released

Added file manager that will allow you to view/edit/upload files on/to your web server.

Some bug fixes, and functionality changes. Breadcrumbs module has been slightly changed.

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-01-28

Modules and Documentation

The navigation and breadcrumbs modules are now available to download separately. If you downloaded the full package without the language files for both modules, download those files for them.

Documentation for administration and developers have also been added on the Atomatic Software website at

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-01-20

Omission from Full Package

The language files for the modules were omitted from the full package ZIP file. The full package ZIP file has now been updated with language files.

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-01-20

AtomatiCMS 0.5B released

First beta released.

Posted by JuB-jUb 2007-01-17

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