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Updated F/W license

Updated F/W license and bug fixes for both pcmcia and usb drivers.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2004-11-10

Wpa Security added for ATMEL drivers

Wpa Security was added for ATMEL Drivers. Lvnet and winter use now mostly WE ioctl.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2004-08-10

Addition of WPA - Enabled Firmware

In the latest cvs commit we added wpa enabled firmware. This means that for all of you who have devices with devices that have eeprom (you have to download the firmware to the device) you MUST build the drivers and applications with WPA SUPPORT enabbled.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2003-12-02

Additional pcmcia support for 2.5 & 2.6 kernels

In this new release of the drivers, we 've added support for pcmcia for kernel versions 2.5 and 2.6.
In addition, minor bug fixes have been patched and new id's have been added for pcmcia and usb.
The manual page has been updated, too.

Posted by Titos Mpetsos 2003-08-12

Addition of winter Application - Site Survey in lvnet

Addition of a new configuration utility and implementation of site survey in lvnet

Posted by Stavros Markou 2003-06-09

New RFMD Radio for 505

New Radio 2958 of RFMD support

Posted by Stavros Markou 2003-05-13

implementation of 802.11 power save for usb

implementation of 802.11 power save for usb and
minor bug fixes

Posted by Stavros Markou 2003-05-06

Addition of Firmware Solving 802.11g and TI22 APs

This FW solves the problem of the failure in join to access points that support 802.11g and TI22.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2003-04-11

New Release - SMC FW Specific

Added new Functionality. Radio On/Off, International Roaming. Also Changed location of .vnetrc to reside in /root directory. View CHANGES file inside atmelwlandriver.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2002-12-18

Starup Configuration Files

Addition of startup configuration file for usb an a patch file for pcmcia. Consult the README file for details.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2002-10-03


Addition of support for 3COM PCMCIA Cards.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2002-09-17

AdHoc Bug Fixes and USB Radio On

See the CHANGES file in atmelwlandriver directory for details.

Posted by Stavros Markou 2002-09-03

Addition of firmware

Added firmware for Atmel's 505 Chip

Posted by Stavros Markou 2002-08-29

cvs update

scripts/ no custom PIDVID anymore, choosing "debug"
works now
README: added some stuff about PID/VID for USB

Posted by Joerg Albert 2002-08-23

CVS tree updated

Added the changes from Joerg

Posted by Ron Smits 2002-08-14

CVS tree updated

There is a fixed version in the sourceforge CVS. Simply checkout using :
cvs -z3 co atmelwlandriver

Posted by Antonopoulos Alexandros 2002-08-12


Please check the news section in the . A few small fixes until the next release.

Posted by Antonopoulos Alexandros 2002-08-05


A first (raw) version of our web site ( is up. You can
find the first version of the source code (under GPL).

Posted by Antonopoulos Alexandros 2002-08-05