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ZooEY-1.3 released

- fix: arithmetic operations in macros
- fix: lost feature: lsb and msb of macro parameters
- fix: macros in included files
- add: characters '.' and ':' are allowed in label names
- add: -i option - include directory
- add: -z option - zooey behavior (end and opt in included files)
- add: .ifdef directive
- fix: labels in skipped parts of '.if' directive

Posted by Rafal Ciepiela 2006-07-13

Franny-1.1 released

- add: covert media types: atr<->raw
- add: specify image type during creation
- fix: better ls formatting

Posted by Rafal Ciepiela 2006-07-13

Franny-1.0beta released

First public release.
Atari DOS II works fine in single and double density. Enhanced is read only.
SpartaDOS 2 is also supported (read/write).

Posted by Rafal Ciepiela 2005-07-27

ZooEY 1.3beta3 released.

ZooEY 1.3beta3 - ChangeLog
- fix: comment handling after dta's
- fix: macros in included file
- add: :<mnemonic> values
- fix: error message for dta b(undefined_value)
- fix: asl zp,x opcode
- fix: zp,y addressing mode
- add: h+/h- header declaration - for compatibility with others ca's
- del: autoconf (add: Makefile)
- fix: man page update

Posted by Rafal Ciepiela 2005-01-06

ZooEY 1.3beta2 released.

- add: mem directive
- add: "x" ANTIC's internal code values
- fix: updates: man page, pl.po file
- fix: minor bugfixes.

Posted by Rafal Ciepiela 2004-09-16

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