Wide boy

  • Andy Blakely

    Andy Blakely - 2003-08-29

    My friends and I have noticed that the wide boy weapon (and family) can hit you a little above or below the middle of your tank and not cause any damage when it was clearly in the blast.  I think it needs tested and improved a bit more.  It would be such a cool weapon if the entire blast did decent damage without having to be aligned just perfectly level with the tank(s) it's hitting.

    • Justin Ronco

      Justin Ronco - 2003-08-30

      I believe I've experienced the same effect with lasers.  I agree, it's a little frustrating.

      - Justin

      • Thomas Hudson

        Thomas Hudson - 2003-09-02

        Yes, the up/down 'radius' is more 'accurate' than I would expect the numbers to make it. Hopefully it just needs tweaking to make it more reasonable...


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