New weapons

  • Thomas Hudson

    Thomas Hudson - 2003-08-21

    What weapons would you like to see in the game?
    Anything goes.

    Remember the sheep-bomb in Worms?
    It was extremely silly. Everyone loved it, it had comedy value.

    If you prefer you could suggest a more conventional weapon, or a spin on an existing one. Whatever you'd like to see, we'll discuss it and, hey, it might even make it into the game.

    • Eugene Andreeshchev

      Current (0.9.9) Napalm weapon not looks like a real napalm (like in Scorch). It should be liquid and burning.

    • Thomas Hudson

      Thomas Hudson - 2003-08-23

      I was trying to make it more like real napalm <:-)
      How does an acid weapon that behaves just like the original Scorched-Earth napalm sound?

    • miguel

      miguel - 2003-08-26

      first of all I would like to congratulate the creators of this great game.

      I also would like to give an idea for a weapon that was used by Worms, and I think it shouldn't be to har to implement.

      The "dunkey" was the funniest weapon on worms, for me of course, the way it fall and the sound it makes, great, just great

      • Thomas Hudson

        Thomas Hudson - 2003-08-27

        As always, glad you like it <:-)

        Unfortunately I have no idea what the "dunkey" was, I don't remember ever seeing that. What did it do?

    • Suggs bill

      Suggs bill - 2003-09-07

      the concrete donkey : it's basically a huge concrete donkey that falls from the top of the screen where the attacking player clicks. It then bounces, destroying successive layers under it until drops off the bottom of the screen. It is a fairly rare crate weapon but great fun to deploy :)

      • Thomas Hudson

        Thomas Hudson - 2003-09-08

        I don't think I'd like to just rip it off wholesale but something equally silly would be good <:-)

    • Raymond Danner

      Raymond Danner - 2004-03-25

      Cool idea I heard about from

      (although in that case, it's a multi-warhead MIRV called a "Napalm Death's Head" (10-warhead spread on beginning descending) that on hitting bursts like 10 Hot Napalms.)

      Another idea, although this one reads as "silly"...a weapon much like the MIRV in Scorched Earth...only on impact, the warheads burrow in, then home on the nearest tank, causing them to light up, then turn black temporarily; damage would be 1/3 their shield, half their current strength... (therefore this weapon cannot kill, just create havoc.)

    • darthyoda6

      darthyoda6 - 2004-03-26

      That would be neat.


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