Some places to look for weapon ideas

Suggs bill
  • Suggs bill

    Suggs bill - 2003-09-10

    If you haven't already then I'd suggest having a look at pocket tanks for some interesting weapon ideas and don't overlook the add on packs as there are some pretty good extras in them.

    Another game to try and look at would be scorched tanks, an old game I used to play on my amiga 500 back in the dark ages.

    • Thomas Hudson

      Thomas Hudson - 2003-09-10

      I used to play Scorched Tanks on the Amiga, good game <:-)

      Pocket Tanks does appear to have some interesting weapons that give me ideas, though I don't like to copy other people's ideas wholesale, doesn't seem fair somehow.

      Thanks for the pointers, they should come in handy.

    • Suggs bill

      Suggs bill - 2003-09-11

      ahh but did you notice that the coders of pocket tanks are the same coders that did  scorched tanks :)


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