#74 gloat.txt modification doesn't do anything?


I must be missing something, but I went looking today to add a patch to allow for a --noinsults or something like that, and in the process, saw a forum post that said I could simply edit the gloat.txt, revenge.txt, et al., but I tried that, and the old insults are still showing up. Are they pre-compiled in?

I am running the debian version 4.6


  • Jesse Smith

    Jesse Smith - 2011-04-16

    No, they're not pre-compiled in. However, if you have a copy of Atanks already installed the game is probably pulling insults from the installed version instead of the source copy you're working with. (That's my guess.) Gloat, revenge and similar messages are stored in the game's "text" sub-folder.

    If you do come up with a patch to remove the text, please e-mail it to me.

  • Sven Eden

    Sven Eden - 2016-02-22
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  • Sven Eden

    Sven Eden - 2016-02-22

    I am assuming the wrong file was edited.

    However, I put the "--noinsults" idea on my todo list, maybe something like that can be added to filter messages issues by the tanks.