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Apache2Triad BUGS!

Some Extreme-4-Apache2Triad installs may be giving users problems with recent releases of Apache2triad!
Apache2Triad 1.3 in particular has several path bugs.
Although Extreme was built on and for 1.22, it will work with newer releases. It is NOT a bug in Extreme!!
Check your php.ini and httpd.conf for proper paths after installing or upgrading Apache2Triad .
c:/apache2triadpath is NOT the correct path. And the php.ini should be in c:\windows or c:\winnt
NOT documents and settings!

Also, for those having problems sending email in Apache2triad 1.3 , try setting the SMTP server in the php.ini to your ISP's SMTP server. At least your forums and portals should send confirmation emails using php sendmail then. You probably will still not be able to receive email through Apache2triad from outside your own system but it's a partial solution when no other settings have any effect and Xmail won't send even with the correct domain and relay settings.

For the Extreme control panel and account manager, the documentation assumes you already have the sites bundle and the run protocol handler installed.
If not, You'll at least need the run protocol handler installed to use the control panel. And a reboot is required after installing.
Get the run protocol handler here:
Again, any path problems with your apache2triad installation will affect the proper operation of the winCP and account manager!
I've noticed that the developer is blaming the bugs on XP.
And while I'd usually agree that users should upgrade from XP to windows 2000, In fact, the same install and setup bugs are also present in windows 2000 advanced server! I doubt it's an OS issue at all.

Posted by balamm 2004-08-13

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