Time to clear up some crap!

Due to my reluctance to allow a takeover of the Extreme project, I am no longer associated in any way with Apache2triad or it's developers.

And following threats and accusations that I was stealing the project to "commercialise" it, and stealing the Apache2Triad name, I've changed the descriptive name. Extreme-4-Apache2Triad is the new "descriptive" name and it will not be changed again no matter how loudly anyone wails.

Mancini, the developer of Apache2Triad, was fine with this project while he thought there was a chance to take it over or control it but now he's making rediculous statements to try and discredit it and me.
There are no commercial plans for this site bundle and there never has been!
The word "business" is commonly used to describe the act of managing anything from a lemonade stand, to large corporations, to your own personal finances.
What end users do with this new bundle, which I've packed with features to help with those endeavours, is not my concern so long as all opensource agreements are respected.

I would suggest to Mancini that if he really has such difficulties with opensource additions or improvements to his project, that he remove his project from the opensource arena altogether to avoid creating further conflict of this type.
His recent behaviour is certainly not what I would have expected from the developer of such a well respected OPENSOURCE software.

Posted by balamm 2004-07-20

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