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Allows monitoring of many windows services and ports, hard drive space, servers, apache status, and more.
This is a modified version of the Gamblers script which should work with any windows or windows/apache system regardless of the bundle used.
This version allows adding additional ports and services to monitor.
password and user are the apache2triad default login

Posted by balamm 2005-01-01

Beta Testers

Major updates to the control panel are almost complete and ready for Beta testing.
If you're interested, you can find out more about that here:

Expected release is 2 to 3 weeks or sooner.

Posted by balamm 2004-10-26

ExtremeControl_v0.75 released

Changes: Added compatabilty with the latest path changes in apache2triad 1.3.1.
Now works in this release as well.
Added an apache access log viewer with search function.
Added realtime access and error log viewing with Win_Tail
View all operations as they happen!!
Added an option to install a right click command prompt.
Just right click on any folder and go to command. A prompt will open in that directory.
Saves the hassle of having to CD into a directory. Don't forget, you will need the run protocol handler from Extreme-4-apache2triad to run this stuff! ... read more

Posted by balamm 2004-08-26

Apache2Triad Developer Problems

Due to another episode in the "Mancini VS The World" saga, I decided to put up a forum to hopefully clear up a few things.
Feel free to add your comments!


Posted by balamm 2004-08-20

Apache2Triad BUGS!

Some Extreme-4-Apache2Triad installs may be giving users problems with recent releases of Apache2triad!
Apache2Triad 1.3 in particular has several path bugs.
Although Extreme was built on and for 1.22, it will work with newer releases. It is NOT a bug in Extreme!!
Check your php.ini and httpd.conf for proper paths after installing or upgrading Apache2Triad .
c:/apache2triadpath is NOT the correct path. And the php.ini should be in c:\windows or c:\winnt
NOT documents and settings! ... read more

Posted by balamm 2004-08-13

ExtremeControl_v0.65 update

Updated to add secure access from localhost only. (this is still editable)
Cleared up some notes and corrected some incomplete scripts.

Posted by balamm 2004-07-31

Update Released

EXTREME-4-apache2triad Version 0.95 is released

Now includes business, accounting, mangagment, and group collaberation applications. sites come wih individual installers and an "aware" site index/installer script.

Over 50 sites bundled and ready to run. Includes phpcollab, nola, netoffice, site@school, openaccounting, opensharepoint, and many many more management and business related applications in addition to the previously bundled sites.
Alpha testing opportunities are available for the new WinCP for Apache2Triad as well.
This set of scripts will allow you to host sites/accounts, create databases and users, create ftp accounts, manage users and quotas, suspend accounts, manage apache or windows services and commands, etc.
Details are included in the download.

Posted by balamm 2004-07-24

Time to clear up some crap!

Due to my reluctance to allow a takeover of the Extreme project, I am no longer associated in any way with Apache2triad or it's developers.

And following threats and accusations that I was stealing the project to "commercialise" it, and stealing the Apache2Triad name, I've changed the descriptive name. Extreme-4-Apache2Triad is the new "descriptive" name and it will not be changed again no matter how loudly anyone wails. ... read more

Posted by balamm 2004-07-20

Extreme-4-Apache2triad Business edition

The Extreme-4-Apache2triad Business edition is almost complete.
I just have a little work to do to integrate the new installers with the menus and webpages. Look for it to be released sometime in the next 14 days.

This build will be 50+ sites and scripts all ready to run. Individual installers and installation management are included this time, accessible from the extreme site/control panel.

Posted by balamm 2004-07-11