Dr Cyril Pernet - 2012-08-27

Simply download and unzip into the SPM toolbox folder.

From the SPM pull-down menu 'adaptivethreshold' should now be available. If you click on it, you will be asked to select a SPM-T, possibly SPM.mat if not in the same folder, and the mask (the default one from SPM or the one you want) - it will then compute for a little while and return the T threshold to use. Optionally you can write the thresholded images.

As an alternative you can skip the interface and use
adaptive_thresholding(stat_filename, mask_filename, spm_mat_file, con_index)
stat_filename: full name (ie with path) of the spmT image
mask_filename: full name (ie with path) of the mask image
spm_mat_file: full name (ie with path) of the SPM.mat
con_index: the number of the contrast image