asyncoro version 2.1 has been released. The major changes since version 2.0 are:

  • AsynFile and AsyncPipe have been added that provide asynchronous I/O operations on files and pipes under Linux, OS X (and other Unix variants), but not in Windows (yet). AsyncFile is meant for files that support blocking I/O (e.g., file handles used in sockets, pipes, but not regular files which don't block on I/O). AsyncPipe supports read, write and communicate methods for chained or unchained subprocess.Popen objects. See '', '' and '' in examples directory for illustrations on how to use these.
  • Added 'finish' method to Coro so a coroutine can wait for another coroutine to finish and get its result.
  • MonitorException is now sent as a message to monitor coroutine, instead of throwing this as an exception. This makes it easier to process the exit status notifications. See '' for an example.
  • Added 'atexit' to AsynCoro to register functions that will be called after asyncoro scheduler has terminated.
Last edit: Giridhar Pemmasani 2014-05-04