Python Asynchronous HTTP Client / News: Recent posts

Release Beta 2

Second Beta release. Found a lot of bugs in the first beta, particularly a death frenzy in asynchat when the server sends back more bytes than requested. Also found that there were cases I wasn't handling in Transfer-mode: chunked, such as the server closing the connnection to indicate end-of-chunk.

Posted by Doug Fort 2001-03-25

Initial Alpha Release

Downright Software LLC, a leader in LAMP internet development announces an open source project to develop a highly scaleable HTTP Client for use by Python developers.

The initial release lacks HTTPS support, but otherwise supports HTTP 1.1.

The 'asynchttp'' module is a logical extension of the Python library 'asynchat' module which is built on the 'asyncore' and 'select' modules. Our goal is to provide the functionality of the excellent 'httplib' module without using blocking sockets.

Posted by Doug Fort 2001-03-11