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Rick Zemer
  • Rick Zemer

    Rick Zemer - 2006-12-27

    I have just downloaded and installed the astyle plugin and am having some difficulty with setting the options.  I had an ~/.astylerc file from previous use of astyle, and when I attempt to use it with the 'enable astyle option file.' it complains about it with "Option error".  Similarly when I try to put the options in the text box immediately above the checkbox, I get similar results.  Is there a particular format for the options that is necessary?  How about for the option file? 



    FWIW: eclipse 3.2, linux.

    • Rick Zemer

      Rick Zemer - 2006-12-27

      cancel red alert : the problem was the pad=parent-in option.

      Next silly question:  now that I have it configured, how do I launch / use it?

    • Larry

      Larry - 2006-12-28

      No idea till now, I need look into the astyle java part. but I have no time currently. sorry.

      When you have it configured, you just need to enable it for C/C++ and click Format in the menu.

      BTW: no silly question, it will be silly if you have question but didn't ask.


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