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  • mamelouk

    mamelouk - 2007-04-23


    I've just tested the astyle eclipse with eclipse 3.3 M6, and it worked, but its doesn't take account the options (always use gnu style).
    I thought you might solve this problem before the official 3.3 release if I told you about this problem.


    • Larry

      Larry - 2007-06-02

      Thanks, from Eclipse 3.3, CDT project provides internal code format like JDT, this is also you see for the gnu style.

      There is no same extension point for code format in CDT 4.0, and i think the internal code format in CDT 4.0 is good enough.

      So currently there is no plan to migrate astyleclipse to CDT 4.0 (eclipse 3.3)

      If you are still interesting on astyleclipse, I will spend time on it later.

    • Maik Beckmann

      Maik Beckmann - 2007-06-28


      I'm using CDT-4.0 and tried to customize the settings for their formating functions a few times to get the result close to astyle(gedit)/astylecipse(eclipse), but I always sticked with astyle(clipse).

      So I'm sad to hear that this plug-in will die...

      thanks for your effort so far,

    • Larry

      Larry - 2007-06-29

      Then I will take a look into to it and see whether I can find the extension point.

      If there is good news, I will inform you.

    • Maik Beckmann

      Maik Beckmann - 2007-06-30



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