#218 --max-instatement-indent fails in 2.03

Malfunction (6)

Using the --max-instatement-indent option in 2.03 causes AStyle to fail. This option worked in 2.02 and its still listed in the --help.

Example session, using 2.02 then 2.03:

C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\AStyle_2.03_windows\AStyle>c:\bin\astyle --version
Artistic Style Version 2.02

C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\AStyle_2.03_windows\AStyle>c:\bin\astyle --help 2>&1 | grep max-instatement-indent
--max-instatement-indent=# OR -M#

C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\AStyle_2.03_windows\AStyle>c:\bin\astyle --max-instatement-indent=8 x.cpp
Unchanged C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\AStyle_2.03_windows\AStyle\x.cpp

# Switch to new version

C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\AStyle_2.03_windows\AStyle>bin\astyle --version
Artistic Style Version 2.03

C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\AStyle_2.03_windows\AStyle>bin\astyle --help 2>&1 | grep max-instatement-indent
--max-instatement-indent=# OR -M#

C:\Users\Neil\Downloads\AStyle_2.03_windows\AStyle>bin\astyle --max-instatement-indent=8 x.cpp
Invalid command line options:

For help on options type 'astyle -h'

Artistic Style has terminated


  • Eugene Wissner

    Eugene Wissner - 2013-09-03

    it actually works with values 40-120. Documentation:
    "The valid values are 40 thru 120."

    But it's wrong, e.g. I normally use values much more smaller than 40.

  • Jim Pattee

    Jim Pattee - 2013-10-09

    This was changed to edit the values.
    I believe that with values smaller than 40 it defaulted to 40.
    I would need to see how the source changed to determine if there is a problem.

  • Jim Pattee

    Jim Pattee - 2013-10-09
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
    • assigned_to: Jim Pattee
    • Group: --> 1.15.3
    • Priority: 5 --> 7

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